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Develop a campaign to make Think With Google an essential part of U.S Holding Agencies planning process.

BUT WAIT.There's More!


The U.S Holding companies own a large amount of advertising agencies that have a plethora of resources at their disposal. Think With Google would be no more than a number on their list of research options.

We decided to dig deeper. There are 5,263,626 small and medium businesses that need Think with Google more than the big agencies do. 

Changing the objective

Develop a campaign that makes Think With Google an essential part of over 5 million small and medium businesses in the U.S.

Target audience:

1. Small business owners (24/7 motivation, invest time in their business)

2. Marketing managers of medium businesses (they understand the latest trends, but lack the time to execute because budgets and sales plans are priorities)


The true currency in small and medium businesses is time.


Your time is too valuable to spend on research. Think With Google will do it for you.

Creative idea

Cash in On Time