As a child, you might aspire to become a doctor or a lawyer, maybe even a writer. No one grows up wanting to be a strategist. You become one because it's who you are internally. I never realized it, but I was steps away from being one my entire life.

Oddly enough, I wanted to be a cat as a child. There is something strategic about cats, they are so curious and independent. I loved how they observed their surroundings because I did the same; I observed. And when I wasn't observing, I was traveling.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 37 countries. Experiencing and understanding different cultures is a passion of mine. Aside from that, I love illustrating.

For me, drawing is a way to bring my thoughts to life. It’s similar to how I visualize a strategy and manifest it in a brief.

Finally, aside from finding a great job in the industry that I love, I want to swim in all 5 oceans (only the Arctic eludes me), run marathons, sky dive and be the best strategist I can be.


Brand Strategist at Fedoriv

2015 - now - Ukraine

  • Creation of brand and communication strategies

  • Development of new brands for retail, banking, FMCG, luxury, etc.


Strategist at one club bootcamp at 72andsunny

January 2018 -  Amsterdam


Strategist at creative bootcamp at bbh ny

July 2017 -  New York


Retail Specialist at IDNT

2013 - 2015 - Ukraine

  • Analysis and creation of solutions for retail environment

  • Research of consumer behavior


Account Planning Bootcamp - Miami Ad School - 2017 - Miami, FL, USA

Master's and Bachelor's Degree in Marketing - NAUKMA -  2010-2016 - Kyiv, Ukraine

English Courses in Toronto (Canada), London (Great Britain) and Motreux (Switzerland)


Before I realized I liked strategy 2009-2013

Marketing Assistant for Sports Camp

Events Assistant

English Research Writer

Sports Guide for tourists at US National Whitewater Center