Exos is a human performance company currently providing services for professional athletes and corporations. With their four pilars; mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery, they help athletes excel in their craft and as individuals. 


 Introduce Exos to the public as a brand for all and not just professionals. 

BUT we must maintain the prestigious Exos identity. Becoming a household name shouldn't mean sacrificing our status in the fitness community. 


Enter the mass market while maintaining core values.


A healthy lifestyle is easy to begin, but difficult to sustain. 67% of people with gym memberships NEVER use it. In order for Exos to reach the public and maintain it's name, the target must be narrowed to fitness enthusiast, who don't consider fitness a chore, but a lifestyle. If we reach these athletes, there's an opportunity to use them as a motivational tool for the less-motivated public.

Target audience

Reach fitness enthusiast, who will then influence  the unmotivated public. Everyday athletes are dedicated and willing to spend, therfore they'll be a longterm client. 


The path toward a fit life is easy to begin, but difficult to maintain. Studies show that surrounding people with fitness enthusiats will drive them to exrecise. A little motivation goes a long way.


Enhance the habits of top-notch athletes, so the general public will follow.

Creative idea

To the power of EXOS

Series of events to form a habit. Every event is dedicated to a different pillar of the company - goal setting for mindset, fresh market for nutrition, unique sports events for movement, beach in the city for recovery. Every pillar is stronger with Exos